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Podcast Interviews

This page contains various interviews that I've done, mostly for the books. They includes interviews on the giants, baptism, covenant theology, and Christ in the Old Testament. You will also find the Peeranormal podcast linked from this page.

Hosted by Chris Arnzen, his show Iron Sharpens Iron deals with topics from a Reformed Baptist perspective. 

GIANTS -  July 8, 2016. Two Hours (commercials edited out). This is a youtube link with pictures to go along with our fascinating and lengthy discussion.

CHRIST IN THE OLD TESTAMENT - Aug 19, 2016. Two Hours (edited). The same problem applies to this file. Works fine on a Mac or PC.

BAPTISM, WATERS OF CREATION - Sept 22, 2016. Two Hours (edited). Seems to not be working properly.

COVENANT THEOLOGY: A REFORMED BAPTIST PRIMER - Dec 14, 2016. Two Hours (unedited). 

A podcast called Interstellar Realities hosted by Stevie Leydig. The host would probably call himself an Evangelical in the more Charismatic persuasion. It was a fun show to do.

GIANTS - March 30, 2015. One Hour (unedited).

The Confessing Baptist is a very specific kind of podcast that caters to 1689 Confessional Reformed Baptists. My first interview ever was with these guys. Thanks Brandon!

Covenant Theology - Show # 83 (aired in March 2015)

The Heart of the Matter is a ministry of Dundalk Baptist Church and is their radio show that airs weekly in Ireland. The hosts are some seriously great guys, some from the Emerald Isle, one from near my neck of the woods out West who serves there as a missionary.

GIANTS - October 31, 2016. 42 minutes (edited without commercials)

Galatians (with talk of much that is supernatural and strange in this wonderful letter of Paul). April 27, 2017.


My friend Derek Gilbert had me on his podcast: A View From the Bunker. Derek is a co-host and good friend of Tom Horn, if you know that name. We talked about all things giants! Always fun and a great treat to be able to do this show.

VFTB 367: Doug Van Dorn – Giants, Sons of the Gods April 10, 2017.

The Bible Thumping Wingnut guys are some straight shooting, kindly, and super smart gents from New York. They interviewed me on my book Waters of Creation and its topic of baptism on October 9, 2017. 

LITV Episode 29 | Baptism. The show is 48 mins.

My friends at Wrath and Grace (a podcast, a publishing company, and a place where you can get some sweet Reformed duds for your newborn baby) had me on to discuss the Giants and demons and the Angel of the LORD and other supernatural things. This is a Reformed podcast and at least one of the guys was blown away. 

The interview was March 9, 2019. 73 mins.

And don't forget to check out Peeranormal, a podcast that I co-host with Dr. Michael Heiser, the fabulous Natalina, pastor Doug Overmyer, and Hollywood Screenwriter and author Brian Godawa. We are a ragtag group of Christians, diverse in denominations, who get together to talk about all things strange through the eyes of peer reviewed literature. We have shows on:

Electronic Voice Phenomena

Crop Circles

Vampires and Ghosts

Drugs and Mysticism

Personality Transfers in Organ Transplants

RH-Negative Blood and the Nephilim



Bible Codes

Peri Reis Map

Quantum Physics and Metaphysics Parts I, II, and III