Doug Van Dorn

Doug Van Dorn
Welcome to my webpage.
I'm a Christian, a husband, a father, a Coloradoan, a pastor, a published author, a blogger, a radio host, a mountain climber, and more.

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I am the author of several books on Christian theology including the best selling Giants: Sons of the Gods, Covenant Theology, Baptism, Galatians, Christ in the Old Testament, and the Q & A Companion to Dr. Michael Heiser's best selling supernatural game-changer The Unseen Realm.

Host and Guest


Various podcasts cover many of the book topics.

I also co-hosted the radio show Journey's End heard on KRKS 94.7 in Denver.


Og Blog

The Og Blog deals with some very strange, supernatural things in the Bible and history, from a Reformed Baptist point of view. No really. We can talk about those kinds of things too. It is also just my regular old blog where I talk about anything I want. I also blog for the Decablog.


Reformed Baptist Church of Northern Colorado

I helped to start RBCNC in 2002. I am blessed and thankful to still be part of this church. I hold the M.Div. from Denver Seminary (2001). I served on the Administrative Council of the Association of Reformed Baptist Churches of America from 2012-2015 and have helped start the Reformed Baptist NetworkUnfortunately, this is not our building, but I can dream.


Colorado 14ers

Born in Colorado, my roots that go back to my pioneer ancestors in the 1800s. I love my heritage and my state, so much so that I decided I wanted to see it from the top. So in 1986 at age 16, I embarked on a 13 year quest to climb all of its 14,000 ft. peaks. Since then, I have also climbed Mt. Rainier and Mt. Shasta.